XS™ Power Drink Mixed Flavors

  • SKU:303160
  • Size:6 cans/pack
    Catalogue price: 680.00 RUB


    XS™ Power Drink soft energy drinks combine natural invigorating ingredients and vitamins, delicious tastes and convenience of use.

    We present a mix of all your favorite tastes!


    All tastes in one pack! 

    Taste them all and choose your favorite!


    The package contains:

    • Mango-Passionfruit (1 can);
    • Ginger Apple (1 can);
    • Pink Grapefruit Blast (1 can);
    • Spanish Orange (1 can);
    • Cherry Cola Blast (1 can);
    • Frosty Cranberry (1 can).

    Suggested usage

    Recommended use: drink no more than 1 can per day immediately after unsealing the can.

    The beverage must not be stored in open cans.

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