Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • SKU:109864
  • Size:750 ml
    Catalogue price: 560.00 RUB


    The toilet bowl cleaner that does it all; removes limescale, eliminates odour and dissolves stubborn stains. Just a small amount applied regularly keeps toilets safe and clean. 


    • Effective surfactant and organic acid system provides excellent cleaning performance.
      Uses a combination of biodegradable ingredients and natural plant-derived acids
    • Works below the water line to remove hard water mineral stains and deposits, lime scale
      and body soil build-up
    • Fresh scent with NEUTRALODOR deodorising
    • Causes no damage to septic system or plumbing


    • Guaranteed 100% limescale removal
    • Unique Bioquest Formula complex.
    • Powers away stubborn stains, and helps eliminate unpleasant lingering odours
    • Contains no phosphates, harsh acids/alkalis or chlorine bleach

    Suggested usage

    1. Unscrew cap and holding the toilet the seat up in one hand, hold the bottle in the other and direct product under the rim.
    2. Apply product evenly around the bowl.
    3. For best results, allow product to work for 30 minutes. Flush to clean.
    4. For heavier built-up limescale, allow cleaner to work overnight and, if necessary, use a brush.
    5. Replace cap after use.
    6. Use every other day for best results. This will help control limescale build-up.

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