Active participation in social partnership projects is one of Amway priorities all over the world. The Company measures its success on a given market not only by its sales and profits indicators but also by the extent to which it is involved in charity programs. In 2003, Amway launched its ‘One by One’ Campaign for Children that keeps gaining momentum by changing lives of millions of children around the world for the best.

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Corporate citizenship has been an important part of Amway’s corporate philosophy ever since the foundation of Amway in 1959.  AMWAY ONE BY ONE™ Campaign for Children  was initiated in 2003. It is an international program aimed at improving children’s lives all over the world. Over 10 years in the framework of this program the Company, Amway Business Owners and Amway employees donated approximately $190 million to the children campaign; we managed to help 10 million children. Furthermore, Amway Business Owners and Amway employees spent more than 2.7 million hours of their personal time taking part in children campaigns as volunteers.

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In 1959, Amway brought L.O.C.™  (Liquid Organic Cleaner) Multi-Purpose Cleaner to the market. L.O.C. consisted of biodegradable cleaning substances even then. Its very name – Liquid Organic Cleaner – manifests concern for the environment.

In 1989 the Company received the United Nations Environment Programme Achievement Award. Amway world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, are certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council. By 2014 Amway aims at becoming the world’s leading direct selling company that offers organic products. The Company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, minimize waste ensuring its full recyclability up to 95 percent as well as to reduce water consumption by 10 percent and increase the use of alternative energy sources up to 15 percent.

Our concern about the environment remains strong and extends to our manufacturing processes, recycling efforts and organic farming techniques. Amway continues to innovate using renewable energy sources, decreasing the amount of waste, producing CFC-free aerosols, reducing the use of VOCs and using natural ingredients for producing our products.

Amway is a multinational corporation. The Company operates worldwide strictly following the laws of countries where it is present. While local laws and customs may differ, our priority of maintaining highest ethical standards is always the same. A good reputation is an important element of business success. We do what is right, not just whatever works. Amway success is measured not only in economic terms, but in respect, trust, and credibility the Company earns.

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