Amway in RussiaWe are the global community

OOO "Amway" is the 57th affiliate of the Company. We started its activity in the Russian market on March 15, 2005. During several years one of the youngest offices of the Amway corporation has achieved excellent results and will keep up the good work.

The range of the services provided to Amway Business Owners (ABOs) is constantly being expanded, new products are being launched, training programs and manuals are being developed. The amount of ABOs is growing tremendously more than 1 million ABOs have already started their own business with Amway.

Russian Direct Selling Association

OOO "Amway" is a member of the Russian Direct Selling Association (RDSA) that consists of direct selling companies operating in Russia.

More detailed information about RDSA activities can be found on its web-site: 

We are the global community

Amway is present in more than 80 countries and regions. It has its own research & development centers, its own sustainable farms, training and brand centers where the Company’s qualified specialists are always ready to support you with the Amway business.


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